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Truck Scales

Truck scales come in any length and capacity that a customer might need. Instrumentation also varies depending upon need. Usually a truck scale in/out program is needed to match incoming and outgoing weights to produce a weight ticket.

Some things to think about when purchasing a truck scale:

Above ground vs. below ground.
Above ground makes for easier installation and maintenance. We don’t have to worry about what’s going on under the scale such as water filling up the pit, debris gathering, or the structure of the scale rotting away due to constant moisture exposure. On the other hand, a below ground scale does not require ramps that the trucks have to climb up onto. Below ground scales also require less room for the “approaches” due to the level approach..

Steel deck vs. concrete deck.
There is a nearly universal agreement that concrete scale decks last longer than steel. However, they are very heavy which makes them hard to move after installation & require the extra step of pouring the deck after installing the basic structure & waiting until it cures before using the scale.

How portable are truck scales?

There are also very portable truck scale alternatives.  We are installing a portable 70′ truck scale on a parking lot, but could also be installed on any hard packed surface.  This scale was ready to use the same day it came in on a flatbed. The scale came with bulkheads so that it could be backfilled to form ramps. We also provided an unattended truck scale program and printer. All transactions were stored for future download to a computer.


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