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Scale Peripherals

Scale peripherals are items that attach to indicators such as printers, bar code scanners, keyboards, remote displays, and anything else used in conjunction with the scale. Often these items help the operator to enter information easier e.g. bar code scanners rather than hand entering; or a printer rather than having to read the display and then write the information on a piece of paper. In some cases we write custom programs to make the interface of the peripherals more seamless or to implement a more complete solution.

This keyboard adapter can attach to nearly any GSE scale to enable easy entry of ID information such as products, operators, descriptions, or any other field. Also, it is easy to print, change units, or perform any other function without touching the indicaor keypad.

This remote display is wired to the host indicator. It tells you the same weight that is on the host display, but at a different location. We also can supply a remote “indicator” that has all the functionality of the original, but at a remote location. That way you could “tare” or “print” from the remote location.

These can print English and bar code in various sizes and orientations on the label. They burn the image into the label or into a ribbon-a process called thermal transfer. These are commonly used in counting applications where we scan an average piece weight into a scale and it is ready to count without hand counting any samples.

This printer takes adding machine style paper, not special thermal paper. It will not print bar codes, but for English only applications, it is a real workhorse.

We use special versions of these impact printers with RS232 input so they can attach directly to a scale and use pin-fed paper. Most often used in truck scale situations where a lot of information is printed for each transaction.

These are slip printers meaning that a flat form is pushed on top of the plate under the print head and is printed on and moved by the printer. After the printing is completed, the paper is released. These are often used in truck scale applications, sometimes in other applications where a form needs weight and id, and is preprinted with other information

This scanner is used to get information into the scale without having to key it in. Often we are scanning information from labels made on a bar code printer that we have supplied. In counting applications this is often the average piece weight of the part that we want to count. Sometimes it’s an ID field or tare weight. We have some custom applications that use scanners.

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