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Retail Scales

These range from simple scales with displays for weight, price per pound, and total price. Most are 20 lb. to 60 lb. in capacity, but we have a legal for trade indicator that can be used for any capacity. Below is just a small sampling. Call us for specifics. Call sales: 1-7871-993-9035 then 1 or email: salesatbaystatescaledotcom

This is a programmable, network capable unit. We can totally customize your label, do sales reports and store all your Price “Look-Up” information. It has a very nice graphical display that can show all the information at once. If you have your PLU information in a spreadsheet or database, it can be exported to this scale.

This scale is available as a dual range 30 and 60 lb., AC or battery operated, 15 PLU & turns itself off so you don’t drain your batteries.

    We sell, rent, repair, calibrate, and perform preventive maintenance on industrial, commercial, laboratory, mail, medical scales and scale systems and have field service and sales personnel for on-site repairs and consultation in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.
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