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Forklift Scales

Fork Lift Scales work well and are efficient. Forklift scales can do the job of  floor scales without tying up any floor space or requiring the operator to drop the pallet on a floor scale, read the weight, and then pick the pallet up again. The scale “platform” goes where the forks were and the forks go on the front plate of the scale. The forklift works as before, but the load center is moved forward lowering forklift capacity somewhat. These are reliable. Legal for trade models are available.

LTS lift truck scale

Scale mounts right to your fork truck carriage

We also sell models that tie into the truck hydraulics without the separate scale as pictured. These are not nearly as accurate, but do not limit capacity either. They are good for rough checking or making sure the operator does not lift too heavy a load and their accuracy is highly dependent on how diligent the operator is. Most claim accuracy of 1% to 2%, but this is optimistic in most situations. The best units use an indicator with special software for this application. Inexpensive units use generic indicators without special software and are less accurate.

Here is a new type. The forks communicate wirelessly with the indicator. There are no cables to run or to damage. You lose no load capacity and NTEP approved, legal for trade models are available:

Wireless fork truck scale

Wireless fork truck scale uses Bluetooth technolgy


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