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Floor Scales


(Including other scales that weigh pallets and gaylords)

Floor scales come in many types, sizes, capacities, and working heights. Most are from 200 lb. capacity to 20,000 lb. They range from 18″ X 18″ to 12′ X 12′. The largest are used primarily to weigh containerized freight that goes onto jet aircraft. See the indicator section for various indicators. We can incorporate our custom programs-see the “SYSTEMS” section to use with any of these platforms.

This is the standard floor scale for weighing pallets with no ramps, it is usually loaded via forklift-with ramps via wheeled cart or pallet jack. Least expensive is 4′ X 4′- manufacturers beat each other up in this size. Can also be installed in a pit. If you are planning to use a pallet jack, you need one large enough to get the entire pallet jack onto the scale, usually a 4′ X 5′ or 4′ X 6′. Available in smooth or diamond plate.

Ultra Low Profile Standard Floor Scale
This is an ultra low profile version of the above. It is only about 2″ high even without side rails. Used where limited space for ramps exists, or to go into a pit with limited height. These are great replacements for the expensive poorly made units supplied by medical supply companies for dialysis weighing. The column and pedestal is optional and available for any scale-not just these ultra low profile ones.

These are specifically designed for carts, pallet jacks, 55 gallon drums, and similar wheeled objects The one on top is open to access on 3 sides, has a “stop” on 1 side and integral ramps that hover just off the floor. We sold the unit on the left (blocked on 3 sides, open with an integral ramp on the 4th) to a company that makes very high-resolution microscopes that require a continuous supply of nitrogen. We are using a special 5″ ramp to mate to the integral ramp so that the nitrogen tank can easily be rolled onto the scale. The indicator remembers “tare” weights and “zero” settings after power loss.

Here is an ultra low profile side-rail scale similar to the above but with a portability cart, a push bar, an indicator stand, two casters and two fixed wheels. The ramps fold up onto the scale for easy moving. Good for small carts, reels, and 55 gallon drums

A portable scale around 7″ off the ground The column and push bar are optional. Available with casters for easy moving. Any indicator can be used. A 360° bracket is available so the indicator can be read from any side. A counting scale with dual counting capability can be mounted.
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