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Crane Scales

cas-crane-scaleCrane scales are available in capacities from 200 lb. up to many tons. We stock them up to 25,000 lb. Most models operate on rechargeable batteries. Some have remote controls so that basic functions can be controlled with the scale away from the operator. Other models communicate via radio waves to an indicator in another part of the plant.

Some things to consider when buying a crane scale:

How easy is the battery to remove?
Some crane scales do not allow the user to remove the battery-it charges within the scale. This can be a problem if you need to use the scale and the battery is run down. Other models allow you to keep one battery on a charger and easily replace the battery as needed. Some use throwaway batteries.

What hardware is needed to hang the scale and to hang product from the scale?
Some crane scales come with shackles only. Some come with safety hooks. Some come with swivel safety hooks. A swivel safety hook costs a lot more than a shackle and can account for difference in prices between one model and another.

Where will the scale be relative to the operator when weighing?
If the scale will be high up where the operator can’t read it you will either need a remote control or a “HOLD” feature to hold the weight until you can lower the scale, or a radio controlled unit that will send the weight to a remote indicator.

It’s a hard life!
Crane scales lead a hard life being banged around, dropped, overloaded, etc. These suffer more abuse than say a floor scale of the same capacity. Buy a quality model if you want long-term durability in a critical application.


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