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Bench Scales

These scales range from small pocket scales that might have only a 50 or 100 g. capacity to industrial models perhaps to 500 lb. Indicators may be built-in as they are in the pocket scales, or separate, or mounted on a column. More expensive models allow you to choose your platform and indicator independently to precisely match your needs. Go here to see what indicators are available. Here are some examples. If you don’t see what you need, don’t worry.  We have many other models to choose from:

Light duty shipping/general weighing scales

There are 3 basic ways to attach an indicator to a platform–loose with a cable, on the front on a bracket, or on a pole or column.  Legal for trade versions of the above scales are available in various capacities and options, including printers, scanners and custom software.Indicator-Platform choices

Heavy duty general weighing

You can purchase the column if needed. We can use any indicator from any manufacturer to fine-tune the scale to your requirements. See the scale indicators section. We can also add a ball transfer or roller table to aid in moving product across the scale. Platform sizes range from 9″ X 9″ to 30″ X 30″ up to 1000 lb. Stainless steel is also available for food, pharmaceutical, or corrosive environments. We can incorporate our custom programs–see the system section to use with any bench scale.

Stainless steel for check-weighing or other usage

These are staples of the food processing and chemical industries. All sizes and capacities are available.

Precision multi-featured scales

Multi-featured Scale

Detachable display/keyboard, high resolution, custom formatting for any printing need, macros to automate operator steps, optional battery operation, ports for keyboards, printers, and scanners make this a versatile performer. Available in all capacities. Even at 110 lb. (50 kg.) we can weigh to within 1 gram!

Inexpensive pocket scale


This one has a 50 g. capacity with 0.01 g. graduations. Typically these go up to 500 g. capacity with 0.1 g. graduations. They run on batteries and often can be calibrated with an included weight.

Inexpensive scale for the home or small office

Awesome Apollo-5000
These usually weigh up to between 5 and 10 lb. to the nearest 1 g. or 0.1 oz. They are used to portion food for people on special diets, for postage for letters or small parcels. This one has a removable bowl.

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