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Rinstrum Scales

Do you remember the last time you discovered a new piece of equipment and thought “Now that’s clever! That’s exactly what I need”. That is the kind of feeling that the designers at Rinstrum strive for with every product.

With our global distribution network, we get extensive feedback on exactly what you need. Our team devotes time, experience and skill to convert this insight into weighing products that are truly innovative and a pleasure to own and operate.

This is what our ‘Smart Weighing’ philosophy is all about. Not design for design sake but innovative design that delivers products that are easy to install, operate and maintain; are reliable and affordable; and make you proud to use in your business.

Rinstrum designs and manufactures

  • Bench Scales and Hanging Scales
  • Digital Weight Indicators
  • Weight Controllers and Weigh-Batchers
  • Process Control and Data Acquisition
  • Remote Displays
  • Weight Transmitters
    We sell, rent, repair, calibrate, and perform preventive maintenance on industrial, commercial, laboratory, mail, medical scales and scale systems and have field service and sales personnel for on-site repairs and consultation in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.
    Complete Inventory for Cost Effective Service
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